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Computing has evolved over the world’s digital journey has seem mammoth upgrades to an extent that it has even become difficult to even compare with the earlier avatars. Compute is at the core of our existence in a way converges into. Any bottleneck at this end would stall our development, even without we knowing of it. As a general principle the computing capabilities double every 24 months for the last fifty years, what we call at the Moore’s law, named after one of the founders of Intel. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and neural networks, we started getting a feeling that we have achieved the unachievable.

From the physical act of compute, the computer seemed to have got a brain. Now that we have immense advancement in AI, forcefully proven by the release of ChatGPT and the world lapping it as the best tech service it has ever seen. While the GPT journey continues, a recent was very interesting from the point of view of the tech possibilities on the horizon. The video talks about brain like computing and spiking neural networks. This is the next level of AI and once this technology is mastered we are about to see a major breakthrough.

The said video talks about neuromorphic computing. In essence, it is computing that models the way human brain works. It involves creating artificial neural networks that can process information similar to the way brain does. Brain is made of neurons, which are cells which are responsible for transmitting information when a neuron receives a signal, it sends out it own signal to other neurons. This process of signaling between neurons allows the brain to process and interpret information. This model is artificially created.

Neuromorphic Computing works first by creating artificial neurons. They are then connected in a network. These artificial neurons are designed to behave like real neurons to that they can receive and send out signals just like the neurons in the brain So, by connecting these artificial neurons we can create an artificial neural network that can process information in the same way as the brain does. The benefit is that it works basically like a human brain. The reason why people are investing and companies such as Intel are developing these applications is because they would power the next generation of AI transformation. It is a journey which we can barely visualize from this standpoint but in all certainty, it would be one of its digital kind roller coaster ride for the world.

Sanjay Sahay


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