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 A better informed society is at the core of our democratic functioning & an important tool for having effective checks & balances in the system.  The Information Age was supposed to be the propellant in this democratic exercise; actions based on facts & figures was the goal & purpose; but has that happened in reality is the moot question. On face of it,  there does not seem to be any discernible change in the information status of the society , given the deliverables achieved.  The society remains as gullible as ever.

 Facts & figures connected to the physical reality & the impact thereof is still to take a concrete shape . Data is the biggest asset & should be used to our advantage for better  impact.  The data based decision making feeds into an informed society & an informed society makes this decision making happen better.  Both feed into each other. More often than not, the data available with non-governmental stakeholders compliments the data based decisions making & this substantiation helps in making the final decision worthwhile.

 Democratic decentralization & micro-planning are intricately intertwined.  The effectiveness of the process of micro-planning can yield dividends, not imagined to date.  A well planned scheme or project on these lines will lead to easier execution, as it entails the will of the informed society & thus has all the wherewithals of its sustenance.  The collaboration is the key to get over the oft quoted adage of;  in silos we come & in silos we go.

The maturity of our diverse data bases faces  data integrity,  which is common at this stage.  As we move further, it will get sorted out through the iterative process.  While this process is on, we need not wait. Data related to particular schemes   can be validated by the society itself;  from individual data to societal assets, to usage & benefits related data.  This can be an effective touchstone in the transition age.  The  national discourse would change.


 Sanjay Sahay

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