Daily Post 1306


Exercise of societal control, being forceful and at times acting on whims and fancy, the Police does catch the ire of the people, quite often. This behaviour, which is widely perceived as police image, is the one police force has to live with. The causality of this behaviour we can leave it for some other day. What is critical is that even the influential or ones who presume themselves as influential, try to behave in the same manner, to prove their larger than life existence. The tools they find to be the most potent today are rabble rousing and creating videos.

Only recently, we found one top journalist recording a video in a police station, trying to prove his part of the story, even putting one cop against the other, to subserve his own interest. Whatever might be the facts of the case, which police are legally mandated to investigate, building up a story and disseminating it relentlessly, is a behaviour trying to police the police. This is a role which nobody needs to play and more so in a case involving yourself. The other and even more disturbing is rabble rousing, which was earlier supposed to be the domain of another genre of public domain practitioners.

This is a type of policing the police, which is on the increase. Sometimes it is tried in the public domain; those videos and even the conversations keep appearing in the social media and the mainstream electronic media. Though is it projected to support the police but over a period of time, it has turned out to be too heavy for the police. The inner urge to control is very deep seated in the hearts and minds of persons who presumably matter. It gives sadistic pleasure mixed with a feel of victory, a feeling which even getting the topmost awards cannot match. In reality the feudal mind has got badly entangled with the modern gadgets and the brands we flaunt.

A sting video to whistleblower’s story are different ways of policing the society, if used in a positive/proactive manner, can mean so much good. Nonetheless, nature of the video wars tell us a different story. In this insatiable hunger to control and force one’s views through, we have actually lost control over ourselves. The story seems to have gone haywire. Might be in a few cases video serves some purpose but rabble rousing in whatever variant, used by whosoever, is with the only purpose of gaining control or influence or both. It is a nefarious tool. Rabble rousing by its very nature can never serve a worthwhile purpose. The society manifests in various ways, what it proclaims to detest.


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