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As hacking of American democracy was hotting up, another Cyber Onslaught has send the world in a tizzy, close on the heels of WannaCry. No lessons learned is the feeling which all of us have based on our experience.  Do we  have to keep facing the Cyber Onslaught for all times to come?  Do we even in a cumulative manner, don’t have the capability to either avert or respond to such Cyber Onslaught.

The industrial revolution 4.0 has declared our existence in the Cyber Physical world.  Fire Sale,  which till very recently was thought to be a figment of imagination is right at your doorstop.  Fire Sale is a comprehensive cyberwarfare aiming at debilitating the nation by way of three stage systematic attack attack that performs a three-stage systematic attack   on transportation, power &  the public utility systems.  Die Hard 4.0  is the cinematic representation of the same.  Everything must go”  is the buzzword. Estonia was first country to face such attack in 2008.

 Petya ransomware cyber attack has finally brought the Cyber Onslaught home.  The breach has forced  Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust to shut operations in the terminal.  The operated by  AP Moller – Maersk,  was unable to conduct loading & unloading operations. Globally,  Petya Ransomware is turning out to be a pandemic, not experienced so far.  US MNCs are affected but most incidents are from Europe, worst affected being  Ukraine where government ministries, banks, utilities, critical infrastructure & companies  have been targets.

 Die Hard 4.0 / Fire Sale, a cinematic fantasy, unfortunately has become a reality.  Presently, IT infrastructure has brought physical operations to a standstill.  Going by the exponential trajectory, worst case scenarios can become a reality.  Cyber physical warfare; physical attacks while paralysing the IT backbone of Critical Infrastructure cannot be ruled out.  Newer versions of warfare with cyber breaches preparing the ground may & can happen in future.  


    Sanjay Sahay

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