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What does being educated mean is the issue in question. Once this is sorted out only then there can be finality whether our educational system is aligned to it or not. The definition of an educated person and the parameters thereof cannot be agreed upon and understandably can be different. *One would look from his or her angle, depending on what one intends to extract out of educational system and for what purpose. Differences apart, there is also a consensus in what we vaguely accept should be delivered by the educational system. Though internally we want it that way, but things have drifted way off.

This drift has happened with a tacit understanding of all of us, to make life simpler for all stakeholders while giving a semblance that everything is hunky dory. I scratch your back and you scratch my back has been the operational principle, not realising the fact that no educational ecosystem can perform in that manner, more so if it is to churn out educated youngsters year after year, endlessly, in the service of nation and mankind, whatever they might take as their vocation in life, for a living. Getting employed somehow cannot be the goal of the educational system and there too, this ecosystem has failed miserably.

What is the percentage of educators in the ownership of the institutions? What is their percentage amongst the bureaucrats / officials at the decision-making level having control over governmental part of this ecosystem? If the educators are few are far between, then who is interested in producing well educated people. I am sure most of them would at a loss to even express what is their model product. Creating well educated youngsters is not the purpose, business is. Educational ecosystem has by default become a money churning machine and every element in the ecosystem is calibrated to that.

If we talk the most basic parameter of an educated person; of being proficient in reading, writing and speaking, even for special requirements, of a considerably high level. If you look around yourself, how many such people do you find around you. People don’t read, are evasive if asked to write and quality of what they speak is mostly suspect. We are not getting into other higher elements of being educated. Getting some marks and declaring brilliance is the name of the game. Coaching masters have taken over a large chunk of our educational ecosystem, is like spurious liquor, you know what it can deliver. It is neither an educational institution nor an industry. Schools have caved in to this menace. Our boards have become “langars,” where everyone is well fed. Where will the educated child come from; not by hope or prayers or diehard optimism or dreams, he/she has to be created.

Sanjay Sahay

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