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Have you ever given a thought whether you are the real you, in all your dealings / relationships & activities in life? If everything shares the same opinion about you, does it mean you are real? Is there anybody who feels he or she is not real? Is life a battle between hiding the real self and people trying to unravel it. Conversely, is being real not the norm of the day. This does not speak high about the foundations of interpersonal & even professional relationships.

When things go wrong the general refrain is, “I had never thought he would be like this, he would behave in this manner, his behavior never gave any inkling of his real self.” Has life become a search for the real you for the people around you. Want percentage of people we know are we convinced are real in real life. One psychology based test would be helpful. If can something like the Ocean model; termed as Being Real Index, studying the person over a period of time and produce the objective result with empirical substantiation. This would be immense value for employers and can be used for wide & varied purposes.

When and how this glamour to be fake crossed the real life, real existence reality will always remain a matter of conjecture, but it has happened for sure. It started with a need to project a different personality from that individual’s point of view. Presumably, it would have been given the garb of practicality in the beginning and slowly over a period of time becomes the regular behavioral pattern. Gauging other person’s behavior and aligning accordingly so as to derive the maximum benefit seems to have become the core competency of individuality our time. Practiced over a long period of time gives that professional edge, you can make out the difference between the newly baptized and war veterans in no times. There are lots of younger persons who are hankering to pick up that skills. It sticks in the modern day world.

Being real absolves you of lots of issues on a day to day basis, frees your mind & provides time to do worthwhile work. Additionally, you don’t have to keep looking at somebody for a nod before deciding that your behavior / stand / decision / action has been right. Has the right to behave, decide and act been mortgaged? Is life then the unlearning process of knowledge, wisdom & skills so painfully garnered.


Sanjay Sahay

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