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Mark of individuality is the mark of human which seems to getting completely lost in the present world. No human beings are the same but is that difference superficial or does it have some depth. Does even of fraction of 6 billion + claim that they have a distinct mark individuality. While all of claim to be different, is it enough to differentiate two individuals, leave aside making the individual conspicuous by those behavioural traits, skills, capability/method of delivery etc. There is no denying the fact that more the number of persons with mark of individuality the healthier the society & economy and it’s capability of innovate and deliver.

Dilution / decimation of individuality has by far been the most denigrading human experience of the consumerist age. All of sudden the assembly system of life found immense satisfaction in every society. Man became an assembly line product. He was known by the products he wore and used and over a period of time, the brands he used of a particular product. The size and quality of accommodation slowly, sadly though, becomes a mark of individuality. The brandisation of human beings is happening at a breathtaking pace. Liking and using some good product is part of the the civilizational progress but getting wedded to it is the anti-climax. Man defining the brand is fine but brands defining the man is not acceptable.

The mark of individuality in academics, research, professional expertise on the way out. The academic degrees and government / corporate employment provides a safe cover to proclaim individual excellence where there is non. The mark of individuality is certified, it is not known as the case of renowned doctors, lawyers and the like. Human beings are happy being standardised and they are happy with it. Though this is the minimum benchmark, it is treated as the ultimate achieved in professional life. Actually, the mark of individuality starts only from this point.

The mark of individuality is not at the behavioral level. Our response at accidents is a case in points. Good Samaritans are not even expected. Trolling is the oder of the day. Propaganda / fake news has become acceptable. No Mother Teresas in the making. Good behavior is left to good morning messages. And so is the case with values too. Can individuality be resurrected?


Sanjay Sahay

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