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With lots of false starts in AI, termed as  AI Winter , in last 7/8 decades, it seems  to have reached the  Inflection Point,  the  AI Spring , as is popularly known, where the delivery of AI products have started to make an impact to large number of customers. The launch of  Apple’s Siri in 2012  can be termed as the  watershed moment  with one product after another getting added to the AI stack. The consequent R & D with huge commercial success in mind is fueling this trend, having the capability to impact every sector & also provide the first movers with the competitive advantage.

 It’s a leap from humans telling the computer how to act through softwares to computers learning how to act through algorithms.  Machine Learning at its core, is algorithms that learn from examples/experience (data sets) rather than relying on hard coded & predefined rules.  Better and broadly available algorithms  has facilitated this trend, the conspicuous examples being Berkeley’s Caffe, Google’s TensorFlow & Torch used by Facebook.

The huge creation of data and its availability & its usability is of primordial importance to sustain this trend.  Immense computing capability  readily available & its predefined growth, has provided the comfort and finality to this trend. In 2016, China’s Sunway TaihulLight tripled the  world’s top Supercomputing speed to 93 petaflops.

Company after company have followed suit.  Google’s PageRank in 1998 to RankBrain in 2015  has been a great success story, AI provides the company its biggest dividends.  Apple  as one of AI pioneers has  gobbled up  AI products like  Vocal IQ, Perceptio, Emotient, Turi and Triplejump.  This consolidates the present trend. According to CEO, Satya Nadella, Microsoft is  democratizing AI.”  IBM research has 3000 researchers worldwide, with more than  1,400 patients in cognitive computing & 1,200 in next generation cloud  in last ten years has done yeomen service to perpetuate this trend. AI is already being officered as a service.  The AI Spring has arrived.


    Sanjay Sahay

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