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 Gridlock is a type of a traffic jam where “continuous queues of vehicles block an entire network of intersecting streets bringing traffic in all directions to a complete standstill.”  This is the antithesis to ideal traffic flow, which is the norm in all modern cities. Gridlock is generally presumed to be a mirage, but given the present traffic situation in Bangalore, we seem to be pretty close to it.

The quick fix solutions have not yielded any results; they would never do.  The one ways have already lost the limited value it had.  Though initiated as a pollution control solution, the  odd even formula  of Delhi, did not make any great headway.  It brought forth some immediate gains, not enough to be concretized as a permanent solution.  It was given up, as is the case of all such initiatives.  The solution may be much more complex is the thought.

Immense improvement in  Critical infrastructure  to which city roads also belong, is the key to moving ahead.  Alternate modes have not yielded any concrete results, a case in point is Namma Metro.  The present status & the understanding of the desired levels; the process of bridging the gap can be a starting point.  Bangalore cannot continue for long as the hot favourite for investments with broken down traffic flow mechanism.

 Strategic Planning with one coordinating agency, bringing it within its fold can be the answer . There are many and diverse stakeholders with different interests and goals, with the wholistic picture being given a complete go by.  A strategic plan is a dire need for a minimum of a 20 years for the city with parameterized deliverables & timelines, with traffic being an integral part.  Ownership, responsibility & accountability is the mantra.  All our silo progress cannot be  allowed to fall into crevices created by the very same system mandated to salvage.  The mix of planning, creation, execution, usage and impact are to be the cardinal principles.


Sanjay Sahay

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