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 The alienation of community with the Police is not a healthy trend but this seems to be existent for quite some time now.  Community for sure is the biggest resource for the Police and collaboration is the only & the best way forward. Herein, fits in the concept of Community Policing which has been in vogue in western countries for quite sometime & is slowly taking roots in the country. Some successful examples at Trichy, Tamilnadu and Kerala’s  Janamaithri Suraksha Projects  seems to worth replicating with some worthwhile local customization.

 Community Policing, in its essence, is to minimize the gap between policemen & citizens to such an extent that the Police becomes an integral part of the community it serves.  It’s main goal is assist the public in establishing & maintaining a safe & orderly social environment.

Traditional policing aims at protecting law abiding citizens from all types of criminals, law breakers & anti social elements.  It is a temporary quick fix to a chronic problem.  With community on board the solutions becomes radically worthwhile delivering long lasting peace, feeling of security & a mental peace that a policemen is just a call away. As a beat Constable or a  Community Police Officer  is dedicated to a small manageable neighborhood, he knows all the residents & the issues and the consequent rapport and bonding does the magic.

This model known as Community Policing also throws up intelligence which is one of kind, precise local information; which can be taken to its logical conclusion.  With results becoming conspicuous, the faith in the system improves and long lost trust slowly gets regained and strengthened.

It has its other positive fall out of change in police perception and an image change based on demonstrated results.


    Sanjay Sahay

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