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The capability of the computer to reach the cognitive functions of an adult human being is artificial intelligence.  Learning & problem solving are at its core. Deep Blue computer beating the reigning world chess champion heralded a new era in artificial intelligence research. Watson, IBM’s question answering machine, defeated two greatest Jeopardy champions. Siri is at our beck and call.  It seems the era of artificial intelligence is just unfolding after a long, tumultuous and not very successful journey.

The successes gained so far can be attributed to the increasing computational power, exponentially, as predicted, popularly known as the Moore’s law, which Intel has spearheaded for than half a century.  The subject is multidisciplinary, at the intersection of computer science, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, neuroscience and artificial psychology and has the capability to propel us to a radically different level of human existence.

Ray Kurzweil, one of founders of Singularity University, claims that it would be a reality by 2029, is achievable and the we would move on to what he terms as super AI. Super AI would be the stage when machines would out beat human beings. The projected trajectory of IT overall is exponential and has been the same in war and peace and also recession.

One percent of the Genome Project took seven years and USD 1 billion and other 99% got completed in 7 years. This is what exponential means. One industry after another would get transformed from non IT technology industry to an IT one.  IT giants of all variants like Google, Apple, Amazon et al, are using and enjoying the fruits of AI and are getting enthused to offer more funds to its research.  Software projects that used AI at Google was sporadic in 2012, became well structured, with more than 2700 now. This is an indication of what future holds for us.


Sanjay Sahay


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