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By far the most single attribute making a man successful is attention. All positive behavioural traits emanate from and converge into it. It is beginning of thinking, very basic to the success of students, working professionals and a successful human beings, moving in near linear progression. ”There are things that attract human attention, and there is often a huge gap between what is important and what is attractive and interesting,” says Yuval Noah Harari. Attention is the gap between what is productive and on what most of time we spend on.

Attention is fullest from of focus on any particular activity to the exclusion of everything else. It is antithesis of most of the norms of today’s existence and practice of superficial knowledge and consequent behaviour. Yuvan Noah Harari has given us a profound thought, ”Distractions really work by exploiting the weaknesses of our mind.” If distractions rule the roost what would be the result all of us aware of and it there all around for us to experience.”* The drama of attention which we have perfected playing has not been able to deliver and need not be tried any further.

Yuval Noah Harari is keen proponent of attention being the main contributor to human success. His experience says that the exceptional quality and success of his writing is because of this attribute. He is off social media and lots of known distractions of our ecosystem. He says that helps in building up attention for this profound thinker, historian and best selling writer who is redefining the rules of the game of human existence through his history, present, societal, governmental, technology enabled connect into future.

If one single factor which comes in way of easily available 24/7 knowledge and its usage is attention. Because of its conspicuous absence amongst majority of students and the professionals, the fruits of the Information Age is not getting delivered. We are living with the best knowledge repository in human history with the least attention span of human beings in known history. What a tragedy of human development? If we become robots, the real robots for sure will outbeat us.


Sanjay Sahay

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