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In a cut throat world of competition, what has been lost is our capability to understand our own emotions & certainly of others. This happens in world with rampant mental health issues. Having emotions itself becomes antithesis to professionalism. Being  devoid of emotional intelligence is the biggest epidemic of out times. The professional, social, familial & personal crisis is a grim testimony to the lack of this skill.

How many of us think & consciously  worked on their emotional skills. If you have a burnout, the emotional side gets manifested, either work on it or have a stunted life. In popular perception emotional has a bad connotation & the same applies to emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is fundamentally different. It’s the ability to identify and manage your emotions & those of others. Three skill sets are a must in linear progression; emotional awareness , ability to harness emotions& use it for take like problem solving and finally the ability to manage emotions . Managing one’s emotions but coming down or cheering up other people.

Emotional people do not automatically have high emotional intelligence. On the contrary, they display freely without understanding the appropriateness of it. These values are not taught by the parents or the schools. Later the person does not know how to his handle emotions. Sexism, racism etc happens because of insecurity due to lack of emotional intelligence. It becomes so difficult to connect at the emotional level.

It’s a crucial social & professional skill, it has to be learnt. The journey is to reach unconcious competence in this skill. To reach this stage; acknowledge emotions, then differentiate & analyse emotions, then accept & appreciate all those emotions, then reflect on your emotions & finally finding your individual way & also handling the emotions of others. It would help us to deal with omnipresent interpersonal relationships, which is at the core of our existence.


Sanjay Sahay

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