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Mistakes we don’t commit, we are Indians, seems to have become the trademark of the nation. How many times it has so happened that you have committed a mistake & you didn’t accept. How many of us have the audacity to declare our mistakes, say sorry & move ahead in life? This is the basic norm for the conduct of life & business. Orderliness comes out of our behavioural trait of accepting reality & realigning life accordingly.

With broadly every individual & organization being flawless, how come the output, deliverable or the result is completely flawed. This is the tragedy of our times. Objectivity as a ground rule is never taught to us. The world is not in black and white. We are told that life operates in the grey areas only. The grey area is defined as the art of creating a smokescreen for your mistakes. Mistake is inadvertent in nature, if by design has to be defended.

Having known your mistake & not accepting it means that you don’t intend to rectify. What impact it has the productive growth of the nation. This becomes a vicious cycle of mistakes. The society gets into I scratch your back, you scratch my back syndrome. The argumentative Indian sydrome emnates out of this. Indian talk shows / debates have no losers. Inconclusive it always remains. This is what out debate format has metamorphosed into.

Basic facts thus become a point of view. Rule of law is diffently viewed & at times the law itself. Might be India has the least percentage of cases where the accused pleads guilty. Litigation is supposed to a better option than getting possibly the lowest punishment awarded. Huge amount of productive time & energy of the nation is getting wasted. Decision making is stalled. While we announce probity & transparency, not accepting, hiding, evading, camouflaging & at times even openly defending mistakes is antithetical to all what we profess to stand for. Accepting & rectifying mistakes is the beginning of a worthwhile personal & professional life.


Sanjay Sahay

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