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Human beings behave differently in different situations due to fear, anger, happiness, biological bonding, and what they anticipate the likely result and impact would be. At times, few lose control and finally land into unsavory situations, which has a casual connect with the situation and  the person’s capability to deal with it. In sharp contrast behavioral dissonance connotes a state of mind which decides that response in a premediated manner dissimilar in similar situations and contrary to established behavioral pattern.
Aggressive vested interest and cheap and fast gain is the reason. This is exemplary level of duplicity, which is very difficult to decipher. It becomes a part of the person’s DNA. So to say, saving a situation to your advantage is the name of the game, with fair play being an outright loser. Behavioral dissonance messes up personalities to the extent that credibility even at the lowest level seems to be a mirage. Dictated by crash mercenary approach to life, behavioral dissonance slowly has become a way of life in this country. Some people have reached a level, where they not able to differentiate between dissonance and normal behaviour.
Behavioral dissonance is found at all levels, individuals to leaders, enterprises and organisations, and governments at all levels. The ingestion of digital technology which was to  bring a check in this behavior,  has actually aggravated and consolidated it. It is quietly and silently pushed on to technology; automated messages; gaps left behind casually or carefully designed for a purpose, is not known. Same organization behaves different at different levels; police being a case in point. In many organisations cutting elder level personnel are left to face the flak. This is organisation’s  behavioral dissonance being used as a strategy.
How do find the acute behavioral dissonance is the public servants different avatars? Predictable behavior enthuses trust. Some people who have beaten tough competitions have  shameless  plagiarism as another part of their behaviour. That too for no perceivable gain. Custodians of excellent communication in different areas, shy away from being questioned. The behavioral dissonance of so many self proclaimed Godmen is their in the open. Software is being used for one way communication and safeguarding opaque behavior, undoing the basic credibility of a human being. The organisations have all become suspects.


Sanjay Sahay

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