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The billion-dollar question is, is there research required in everything in today’s complex, interdisciplinary world? Which means that some level of mental experimentation is required for literally every issue which confronts us. If this is the real case in the real world, why do then even best of managers, bureaucrats and leaders love to copy exactly, in the same manner as it was done last time. At the very best they just add some non-essential trappings, so that it looks different. The essentiality of research for is has become an operational necessity, if we were to operate even at today’s level few years down the line. The first element of research is to read about what you want to know, in a limited time, decide upon the course of action and go ahead with it.

This necessarily means that you are forced to do functional research in a very short period, take the responsibility of having come to the right findings and make it happen. It might be just a small decision but that needs to happen by the same effort and exactly the same thought process. As we have never factored in as to what could have happened if we would have gone this way, the degraded level of decision making has become a way of life. Low end execution becomes our mainstay. It is the Kodak moment happening to individuals and organizations but we are not ready to accept. How can we accept it, when we are not able decipher what is lost? The decision makers are fully dependent of non-researched, supposedly proven by convention, decisions, projects and solutions. What a tragedy?

Accepting all that old, archaic and conventional, while getting into branded existence, is the biggest tragedy of our times. While we want to enjoy the fruits of others research, we are not ready to do research, even at a miniscule level to improve our existence. What is important to understand is that we are not talking to primary level research, this research is limited to understand the present level of literature on that subject, products and other sources and be able to find out the best and if not the ideal fit solution for the requirement.  That will happen, only when we are ready to accept the fact that there is an issue, with the non-research methodology we follow.

Doubt on one’s capability, resistance to change mindset and that there is risk factor in doing anything new or differently, is coming in way of using research as tool for our existence. More important of it all, is the effort which goes behind it. Where is required for individual gain is being attempted, examples of which we find all around. The cult of innovation can be fueled by research and we find it not happening in the most of the places. Startups to conventional research, funding is the only thing that are being researched upon. Innovation cannot happen in this sort of an ecosystem and we are facing the music literally in any and every area.


Sanjay Sahay

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