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A nation seized in this mindset, might be does not deserve anybody’s sympathy, it has to be ruthlessly broken down.  They have stalled all progress in this country; intellectual or otherwise. They have become the brand ambassadors of hard work while delivering nothing.  They have taken the nation for a ride creating a smokescreen, we are not able to see through.  Neither the works get done nor can anybody be held accountable.

The general refrain I get to hear, how do you get the time to write everyday. If you are supposedly so busy, you can write at least once a week, month or year.  If you miss out on the reflection of work & life, so it be.  No issues. They don’t even write officially mandated documents. It is the sum total of cut, copy, paste, some subordinate forced to write or an expert or consultant does the job.  The result cannot remain hidden even to the most unobtrusive eyes.  While all these happens he counts his time, remains busy forwarding mails.

 In the age of instant communications it’s so difficult to find somebody’s time, convenience and mood.  Getting connected remains the biggest challenge to such supposedly busy people.  No documentation explains their being busy as the results doesn’t reflect the collective of super excellent professionals.  Execution takes a backseat in the physical world.  Keeping busy seems to have become a Management Process, tables filled up to get the salary & perks.

 The busy nature of the middle and high end working class will be out in the open if a true professional performance audit is done . The ecosystem is of tacit understanding, while each other claiming that it’s so difficult to get work done. The other refrain is the quality of professionals. We work in our  cosy comfort levels  and want it continue for all times to come, while criticizing the same. The busy syndrome has to be blasted once and for all.  Competencies / deliverables shall reign supreme & human beings bloom in profession, passion & life.


    Sanjay Sahay

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