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The growth of civilisation at the societal level and civilised behaviour at the individual level has established that behaviour has to be moulded to the requirements of the time and an array of unacceptable behaviour cannot be indulged into. Might be we have still not reached the stage where we are ready to nip it in the bud with very harsh yet civilised methods, but sooner that later it is bound to happen. This discretion not being used helps create a right to cross the Lakshaman Rekha and get away with it.

This sadistic or detrimental attitude is not restricted to the expression of negativity of the individual but tends to spread the same across. With nobody reacting to it, this acquiescence is treated as tantamount to outright acceptance. Decency is not an individual behavioural issue, it is the most potent tool of civilised behaviour. Can anybody name any area where this trait is not extremely essential. Elon Musk repented for not going in for attitude rather than talent, which he had indulged in, all his life.

Shame and decency are so intertwined that it cannot he separated. The unabashed increase in shamelessness in social interactions has led to blatantly low levels of public discourse. From the moderators of the electronic media with no news, 24 hours of debating amongst the very same wizards of knowledge to the famed trollers of the nascent social media, no one knows what would the nadir. By any known standards we have already crossed it.

Shamelessness in pockets and in few individuals is not a new phenomenon. What is astonishing is the audacity of it and percentage of people being afflicted by it. The practitioners are convinced of the fact that they would not be given right back of their face. This civilised world is their best guarantee. This is the inherent paradox of this complex situation. Mediaeval methods cannot provide solutions to modern age pre-mediated aberrant behaviour. New and effective methods of deterrence have to be devised.


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