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The body of knowledge over which the mankind functions and boasts of is the creation of large number of individuals, agencies, academic & research institutions, defence, business enterprises and what not over generations and centuries. Thinkers, writers, researchers, consultants, freelance practitioners, business, religious, spiritual leaders etc. Though not taught directly yet over the course of our education we become convinced that our job in to consume knowledge and not to create. Had everybody followed this thought process through time we would have been poorer in every field.

Being averse to creating knowledge can be one of reasons of get hooked onto the social media to this propensity. Had even a percentage of effort of the great writers and thinkers of the Global Social Media Machine been directed towards the creation of knowledge, we would have gotten immensely richer. Have we ever thought of adding to the existing body of knowledge? Which areas can you contribute and how? And most importantly how do I validate it? If not done, garbage in public domain would outbeat body of knowledge.

The creation of quality body of knowledge and at least its incremental increase on a regular basis reflects the growth of the sector, economy and the nation. From standards to patents countries who lead the world have created an unmatchable body of knowledge. This is the real strength. This weakness reflects in every area of functioning and we have to be satisfied and be dependent on knowledge from developed countries, which is not usable for Indian conditions. The results can be seen all around.

Why are we averse to knowledge creation? Do we lack attention, focus and effort? Do we feel it is a worthless job? Or are we still at a different level of knowledge evolution? If you don’t know how to create, you can never be one of the better users. The connects don’t happen. While we might talk endlessly about creativity, innovation and out of box thinking, the reality is far from it. To find out how much of the present body of knowledge on any particular theme, subject or area we use, can be a right beginning,


Sanjay Sahay

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