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The umbilical cord relationship between project documentation and its execution seems to have been snapped somewhere during our journey to become super professionals. The gap between the two kept on getting wider to the extend that the project execution was always was at the receiving end. The testimony of this fact can be found in projects all around, if you have the discerning eye of a project executioner. In the process a super expertise of documentation experts entered the field, guiding the project, without ever having got the opportunity to execute / supervise any project end to end.

This is the arena of super specialisation we are in. Even in documentation we have different types of experts, who surface at different times during the process. Either the documents don’t add up to the sum total of a project worthy of execution or the vast majority of the content is being copied over and over again, instead of creating what is creating it afresh depending on the current requirement of the project. Fresh out of colleges, the whiz kids make these documents only on templates and matrices.

Generic templates and matrices not intricately intertwined to the ground realities / data and facts, the project gets unstuck in the beginning stages itself. The executioner who has already committed to all that has been written on those documents to get the deal, does not know how to go about it. Because at his end also there are people in the front end; sales and marketing who broker the deal. It can be farthest even for the development / executing team of the same company.

Behind the gloss of eFlyers, events, advertising and standardised ppts with aggressive sales pitch of high performance, out of the glass and chrome structures, is this harsh reality. The option is to make up for the gaps, which are unbridgeable / sometimes parts of the project are wrongly conceived, by documentation. The owner himself finally feels lost and not being in control of the project, erroneously goes in favour of the patch up expers. To bring it to track will be the job of a super practising executioner.


Sanjay Sahay

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