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Ask any professional, student and any other person dealing with documents and notes which all of us do, it is a terrible task and most of would be happy, if we could do away this drudgery. Lots of the frictions in offices happen for this reason, whether it is a physical document or on the digital mode. The multiplicity of documents would always have its issues. Added to that that the multimedia format, we wish to have everything on the same document. One magic document sorting out all our issues is the agenda.

Notability is an app which delivers all this, and much more. There are medical students who have used only this app for all their needs of notes, references, sketches, diagrams etc, all throughout their MBBS courses. This is the versatility of this app. While we keep installing apps at the fall of a hat, how may of us use these sort of apps, which in the sine qua non of our professional / intellectual / educated existence. There are others available with the same types of features for the non iOS family. One app can be used for all iOS devices logged into the Apple ID used to purchase notability.

”Notability iPad app creates notes that integrate handwriting, typing, drawings, audio, and pictures.” This is excellent app to create classroom lecture notes and can be integrated with all possible sorts of classroom material. Another interesting facet of notability is that it can also be used annotate PDF documents, which makes it very handy. Students assignments and PDF forms are also taken care of in this manner.

For the want of any term to define the document thus created, we can call it as the Converged Document. Though this was not a original utility, Notability now supports handwriting search. This is thus the document of documents. ”The app is capable of searching your handwritten notes, making it much easier to go back and the find the information you need.” The facilities does not end here, handwriting can also be converted to text. Discover more and more features and add confidence and quality to your life, after all who does not need notes.


Sanjay Sahay

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