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Is bragging in business the norm? What is bragging in the first place? It is the art of tall talks, extrapolation, taking credit where the effort would have been at best shared, camouflage, superficial media blitzkrieg and surreptitious declaration of connections where it does not exist for business gain, is bragging in business. We have reached a level where even falsehood has become routine. You are told over and over again that it is a reality in business and every one should conduct business in this fashion. Bragging to falsehood is a fast descending journey. Suffice to say, bragging is also one dimension of falsehood, maybe not as damaging.

From ad campaigns to neck throttling marketing, sales and post activity, purchase or experience, for the feedback, they go to the extent of begging, to rise from the ashes. The marketing guy’s job is to sell the moon, he is not even bothered, if the rest of his company, would be able to deliver that, the endless churning of companies is a trend which should be a matter of grave concern. One thing is very clear that bragging in business has become the norm and it is duty of the customer to find ways and means to save himself from the all-pervasive effort to dupe or over charge. It is openly declared and even accepted that the sole aim of any commercial company is to make money, notwithstanding anything else. The quality of promoters speaks volumes about the nature of businesses we have allowed to mushroom.

Although not acceptable but we can give some credence that is being done to further business; a bread-and-butter issue at times. If you move in different directions, we find that the bragging in business has a much more serious competitor, which has been eating the vitals of our system, are the people, groups and professions who have in the business of bragging. Thinks of the groups and professions all around you and you will find a large number of them, who are in the business of pure bragging. Where has the private educational system brought us today, mostly in the professional education, bragging and bragging; of infrastructure, of facilities, of faculty, of quality of education and most importantly placement. The made you feel that the placement is a reward for joining a college, with hefty fees.

If all government bragging were to be added up, the country would  have long been relieved of what we keep struggling for, in our day-to-day life. If all the govt. advertisement money spent so far were to be added since independence, we would certainly be able to create  a world class monument of bragging. No govt has ever accepted failure for anything. Even in the face of disaster they can brag their way through. Only some elections show them the mirror. The centrality of elections in our democratic system, and making a success of it, whatever come may, has pushed the politicians into making  bragging their business. With all its multifarious dimensions of the political class being in the business of bragging, we have been struggling from one nemesis to the other, still being bragged into a future of prosperity, when the wherewithal does not exist.


Sanjay Sahay

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