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*Though invisible through the naked eye, it is as palpable to our lives as a convoluted ECG report.* If you still have the capability to see this world outside of the filters of TV debates and social media trajectories, it would be as clear as the morning sky. *Who is responsible for the Maharashtra COVID-19 imbroglio?* Or everything would remain an act of God in this country, whether it happens for the first time or half a dozen times. *Depending on the situational conveniences, the population at large can be declared the culprit.* The same population is praised for its maturity during elections. We have seen the level of severity with which lockdown can be imposed and implemented. *Can COVID-19 behavior not be implemented* The challenge is the whims and fancies of the powers that be. Last year, we had a case of a senior civil servant, issued COVID-19 passes to unwarranted people.

He had to pay a price for that, nonetheless, he was duly rewarded later. *Politicians who behaved differently, leading to differential impacts in the COVID-19 scenario, inclusive to unimaginable political gatherings, mostly in elections but otherwise too.* These crowds were brought  together by power that be; the contending political parties. Has any action happened ever? If you go down the memory lane a bit, *”Serious lapse”* during lockdown lead to action against two very senior officials of the Delhi Government. ”These officers have failed to ensure public health and safety during the lockdown to combat COVID-19,” the release said.

Somebody has to pay a price not because a lapse has happened, it is very rare in this country to find a no-lapse area, zone, sector, activity or geography. The price has to be paid because political executive wants to look good in the eyes of the people, undying energy to look picture perfect, when everyone knows the reality threadbare. The same story goes on. How much the security guys have to struggle with the VVIPs is an old story. How much do they listen to the security advisory or follow the protocols, when the hunger is to max the electorate in an electoral battle. Accidents / incidents don’t come pre-announced  and one such happened recently in West Bengal. The chopping block was ready and senior officials again had to pay a price, suspension, departmental enquiries et al.

Who would be responsible for what, remains an unknown and most intriguing story of Indian governance. Normal governmental lapses do not make any meaning for the political executive because they decide what lapses are and who but for them, should be held responsible. Action can happen because of video leak these days, court intervention etc. There too we have the stories of pending enquiry, moral responsibility etc. Left to themselves and within their own governmental apparatus, whatever party it might be, these are no lapses as a matter of rule, so no action. Given the human nature, who will declare  himself guilty, when the whole ecosystem is there to support you.


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