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India unmasked is a play which is being performed regularly, however much we might keep claim to the contrary. The first of the unmasking pertains literally to masks. The electorate which the politicians and political parties give certificates of maturity, have not been able to follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour, even after having gone through hell last year. You need to have an imbecile mind to disbelieve what you have either lived, seen others agonizing and at the least watched  the trauma on the TV day in and day out. The second unmasking is the appeal drama, the powers that be, appealing to the masses to behave in the manner required in the current times.

The third unmasking is the complete incapacity to take any tough measures, while the build up goes on. Does governance mean requesting, caught in the midst of a pandemic. Has one year not been enough for any agency to understand what should be their COVID-19 behaviour with regards to their official conduct and performance. Fourth is a warning which is associated with the laxity being seen on a regular basis.  “If you don’t improve your COVID-19 appropriate behaviour lockdown would be imposed.” If you can’t enforce whatever is required by law or what is exigent, you cease to govern. This brings us to the fifth unmasking,  might be the pronouncements, we have been a Soft State from the time, it was discovered by Gunnar Myrdal in his epic, the Asian Drama and continue to remain so.

Unmasking itself can become an epic. A tragedy of the ongoing comedy India is. The sixth unmasking is that the Poll Manifestoes are forgotten, way before even the ink dries on those pieces of paper. If it were to be anything else, it should have been carried to the campaigning with an action taken report. The Election Commission should have asked these ATRs as a qualifying document to be eligible for the next nomination filing. How can a party or a politician who is an habitual offender in the Poll Manifesto / promise game, be allowed to face the electorate again. The seventh unmasking is the division of power between the legislature and executive. If that really were the case nobody would have ever wanted to be a lawmaker.

The eight unmasking is that our elected representatives core job is to be a law maker.* That is the last thought which plays on either on the electorate’s mind or  that of the elected. What a great unison of mind, totally out of the legal framework on which the country is supposed to function.  The ninth unmasking is that manipulated selection of facts are used every single time to prove whatever you want. It does not connect to the ground reality and it never will. The final unmasking is that with social media and electronic media by your side, we live in a make believe world, while the toiling mass have their own drudgery and battle to live with.


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