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From an accident site to crime scene and also while crossing the Indian country side, we find people standing by, village after village, with rare productive engagement.  The bystanders when they are supposed to respond at least in the name of humanity and they don’t, projects us as a lot and a country lacking empathy.  Otherwise, how do you explain bystanders thronging at an accident side and nobody coming forward for help. With a plethora of organizations to support, the ideal support a women victim requires is barely forthcoming.

 More dangerous than the physical bystanders, are the people who can make a difference, at different positions and in different walks of life, take completely indifferent stands, and the victim does not get the support desired, though technically most of the requirements are met with.  Organizations with heart can deliver and people positioned well in society too, can’t deliver without a heart.

 The middle class and the intelligentsia’s  marginalized role is a sad commentary on our existence.  Living a mainstream life, they find to me demeaning. Involvement with society is a waste for them. Even exercising franchise becomes a liability at times. The creations of the Indian educational system want to be completely detached from the Indian  society and polity.

 The negative direction in which lots of things are moving in this country can be stalled, if these classes were to contribute positively and proactively.  With lots of scarce Human Resources within and outside the Govt being frittered away because of this bystander mindset; whereas their cumulative contribution can make an immense difference to our society and the nation.

 The demise of the bystander attitude will in itself mean infusion of positive and proactive energy with involvement in everything worthwhile or making everything worthwhile the prevalent mindset of the nation.


Sanjay Sahay

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