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Please block you calendar is the common refrain we hear if someone intends to have your time on a particular date and for a given duration. The entries of different types for a particular day adds up into the engagements of the day and that is routinely followed by all harrowed professionals on a regular basis. Other activities which intend to create even medium term impact generally does find any mention. Having fulfilled this rigmarole the professional gets a feeling that his done his best.

Exceptions to this well established thought process are few and far between. This is all a dictated agenda fed by all above you or by the ecosystem trying to extract mandated tasks out of you. Till the very senior management levels and sometime even beyond personal agenda of professional accomplishment is missing. There seems to very little understanding of personal contribution at different levels. Supervisory work is supposed to be the end of work.

Sometimes, at the political executive level, the engagements gets piled up due to various supposedly necessary considerations. Whatever might be the nature of work and the position you hold, there has to be a thread of purpose in the engagements and the works that emanate out of it. Engagements as in the case of other activities have feed into the comprehensive strategic plan and its meticulous execution. Rest is a waste.

Futuristic needs of the organisation can be another area, which should find a place in your engagements, the vision should decide the need. For the present day the new age business development methods need to find a place. The calendar should over a period of time reflect you vision, strategy and the process of execution. It cannot be a mechanical, assembly line method, which the hyped calendars have become.


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