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The absence of innovation has been declared as the albatross around most of the business companies neck. This fact was released at the recently concluded World Economic Forum at Davos in global study conducted by Accenture. The message goes loud and clear across the globe that companies that have invested in scaling technology and Innovation across their organisation witnessed significant growth in revenue generation.

Innovation is not only a serious business it is slowly becoming existential too. With faith in the current IT, most of the companies don’t know where to go. They are literally struggling to achieve the critical mass level of innovation that is enough to drive growth and revenue. The barrier has to be broken. The companies are accustomed to investment and technology intervention in the conventional model delivering goods. This model of innovation is totally different, it is understanding the nitty gritty of the company beyond what you can see.

That understanding and intuition has to blended with disruptive technologies in the right measure and a neatly calibrated implementation, checking and validating through the way, till it becomes robust and again the same cycle follows. There are lots of failure on the way and only an uncanny vision of the goal post can keep you going. The funnel theory of innovation states that only one of 57 ideas become successful. What and how you can succeed in the days of Disruptive Innovation, every business leader has to fathom out.

Actually, that is his only job. His job and the company both are precariously balanced on this particular feat. This Accenture survey has been based on the data culled out from more than 8,300 organisations from 20 countries and 885 CEOs. The study is an analysis of adoption of mature and emerging technologies – AI, cloud, blockchain and extended reality. A clue for all.


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