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 If we criss cross the length & breadth of this country, we witness a plethora of successful projects, sustained;  small & big, in different sectors both by ownership & sphere of activity. Impressive to say the least, doing yeomen service to the nation.  What is really intriguing is why such models have not been replicated  & a bit further why these models did not catch the fancy of powers that be make replication at a national scale.  Scale provides critical mass, inherently becomes more sustainable & scalable.

A successful model develops with itself immense expertise, human & otherwise and an ecosystem ideally suited for that enterprise.  Amul can be case in point . Using this a model and Anand as a resource center for its dissemination, the  white revolution could have reached scales,  much beyond the wildest we can ever imagine. Add the economic upliftment angle to it and it becomes magical formula in itself.

 Having fallen into the trap of initiating projects & projects, our energies have got pushed into the wrong trajectory.  Few might get successful, the gestation period not known. In its place, why can’t we put our energies understanding successful projects and get full hog and make it a grand success which is certainly.  It is certainly not the six blind men & the elephant story which the start ups are playing in this country.  All  upcoming replicated projects would enthuse energy into that sector. One leading sector of this kind & see the  sector competition of hopping on to this model.  The trigger needs to happen.

 Home grown models take roots faster & are not easy to uproot.  It is created and sustained on trust tested over long duration of time.  At the end of the day it is a human network.  If projects come together, people will follow. Resources will fall in line. We hope one the  Silicon Valley sort of an ecosystem develops,  which has the replicating successful projects model & adds newer positive & proactive dimensions.  Creativity & innovation get incorporated as a deliverable.  That’s the way forward.


    Sanjay Sahay

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