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 Academic collaboration of the right type facilitates exchange of knowledge  & ideas and brings in skills & competencies at the global level to  the academic institutions of the country.  Global collaboration through neatly  defined Memorandum of Understanding,  exchange of students & international conferences can elevate our institutions on to the  right trajectory.  In reality, it is the right route & wrong methodology.

 The way our academic institutions flaunt  intake of foreign students to make them relevant has inbuilt cracks.  Most of the foreign students come from countries not known for academic excellence. To add to that the students are also mediocre or less, not adding any value to the institutions but just keep the cash registers ringing.  This adds to the already existent substandard education,  simultaneously making claims of excellence & of giving international character to the academic institutions.

 The international study tours by the faculty members & sometimes by students does not add  much value  as seen through the products of these academic institutions.  The faculty also does not improve  on any of the academic & professional parameters.  It serves to decorate the CV,  which can be appreciated by the evaluators of the same type and employers of a similar mindset.  It’s is like the subprime loans propelled recession in the academic world.

It’s not an exception to conduct  International Conferences  by institutions not even fit enough to run a national conference. A study into this packaging exercise reveals  participation only by few academicians from abroad, from countries & institutions, who have not delivered anything worthwhile.  Both the parties are happy as it is self serving & they can safely declare their international conferences for further money making.

 Academic collaboration Indian or international should make academic sense.  It should not be used as an eyewash.


Sanjay Sahay

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