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Why child Rights organizations cannot come together? Why generic interoperability cannot happen in IT? Why Intelligence agencies don’t share information? Why a freelancer also does not divulge the price?  The simple answer to all these questions from different spheres is that they are busy managing their turf.  Euphemistically, it is called the turf war & organization after organization is involved in this game in a big way.  It is generally perceived that this is the only to survive.  This is detrimental effects on the client, customer & citizens. So it be.

 There are some collaborations / alliances based on business requirements or issue based, which is temporary in nature.  This is more as exception than the norm. This goes to the extent that people don’t even share the ppts. Business and collaboration can happen only within the given parameters.

 Besides,  inter organizational turf war, there are endless turf wars within the organizations.  This has endless negative repercussions to business & handling it is a perpetual headache to senior managers & also the CEOs.  Finding an equilibrium helps in the smooth functioning of the organization .  The different wings are out to prove their worth and push forward their ideas, thoughts & matrix. Rest nothing counts.  A wholistic approach very really develops.

In an inter organizational project the impact is even more grave. The game of one-upmanship is played day in and day out.  More often than not every organization independently gives excellent results but the final goal of the project remains unaccomplished . The IT projects face this fate on a regular basis with lots of outsourced entities adding to the mess.

 The 9/11 tragedy is an example of a managing the turf story.  The integration of more than 20 agencies / depts under the Department of Homeland Securtiy in the US has certainly helped in the fight against terrorism.


 Sanjay Sahay

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