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 Lackadaisical implies a carefree indifference marked by half-hearted efforts.  Though the word might not be very familiar, the approach is. This has become the order of the day. A stage further the  packaging of this approach  is done in most professional of terms, to the extent of taking it to even  philosophical justification . Carefree indifference should not be reflected their behavior & nobody should make out the back end thought process & approach, is the name of the game.

When issues come to the fore and has to be handled forthwith, this category of people and there are many,  talk in generic terms to obfuscate the issue.  Line of thought, details, roadmap and plan they abhor and even beyond that  deliverables / quality / timelines are their arch enemies.  The effort is to evade the issue rather than face it.

 Lack of knowledge & lack of effort in different measures account mainly to this approach.  Which of the two is the prime mover is difficult to say. In its nascent stage this approach to work & public life,  gets emboldened by the prevailing atmosphere of unaccountability,  all around the place. Their is a general feeling that it would not be difficult to away with this approach. You will also find lots of sympathizers, who would keep you elated, stating that this approach is the  most right & practical approach to today’s professional / public life.  For a normal person unaccustomed to the complexities of this game, even a lifetime would be a short period to unravel this truth.

 Only from the trade off of a conscience can this approach take birth.  It’s is the ultimate bottleneck in having a national character. These  Lackadaisical Individuals  add up into a community with a more evolved  lackadaisical thought process.  The ecosystem changes and it becomes a vicious cycle.  It would need extraordinary courage & effort to break this vicious cycle.


    Sanjay Sahay

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