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Even to the ignorant & the uninitiated WannaCry & Petya global level hacking epidemic, made them aware of the  immense damages the hackers can do.  There is a general perception that hackers can  breach systems at will  and the gap between their expertise, focus, effort & precision and of  the enterprises mandated to safeguard is wide.  Not only that, it is increasing with every passing day.  The cyber security researchers have been of use at the time of WannaCry attack but can that be pushed through as the only & as a comprehensive solution. The answer is  NO  in bold.

The hackers in different colours of Hats, as per the Internet slang. A black hat hacker is a hacker who  ”violates computer security for reason beyond maliciousness or for personal gain.”  The  grey hat hacker  sometimes violates laws or typical ethical standards but does share the motives of a Black Hat hacker. The  White Hat Hacker,  is an  ethical computer hacker,  to ensure security of an organisations computer systems.  Ethical hacking term was coined by IBM.  The White Hat Hackers are variously termed as  sneakers, red teams & tiger teams . Black Hats are most known of the lots and conduct one of its conferences, which the whole of the computer world watches.  Hacktivists  are another category, Julian Assange / Edward Snowden et al,   can be hugely damaging.

As per New York Times White Hat activities as one of  mischievous but perversely positive ‘hacker’ tradition.

One of  TED Talks  calls hackers as the bulwark of  the Internet’s Immune System.  White Hat Hackers have  proved their worth over & over again  in individual cases but are not a force to reckoned with as the Black Hat counterparts. Given the nature of all pervasive breach issues we face,  they can be the only saviours . They have to become a part of our structured existence. We have to keep them inspired.

 If the bad guys can do it, why can’t the good guys. This change has to happen now.


 Sanjay Sahay

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