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When the world of Artificial Intelligence is at its transformative best, how can AI agents be far behind. They are destined to rule the AI would adding a definitive change in the manner human beings work, live and play. Starting from the year 1956 and after going through a number of winters and inflection points, the current inflection point is there to stay and heralds the beginning of the AI age. An AI agent perceives the environment, takes action autonomously towards achieving its goals and also keeps on improving its performance by way learning on its own or acquiring knowledge.

With all the efforts made in the creation of OpenAI and the humungous efforts behind the GPT series, it was the conversational ChatGPT, running on GPT 3.5 ushered in AI as the general-purpose technology. Capable AI agents for sure are going to change the future of work, given the promise they have already displayed and nothing like ever before efforts being put into this great tech enterprise, being pulled off by the big tech. Capable AI agents draw up significant milestones of the AI journey, such as the “notable victory of AlphaGo over human Go champion Lee Sedol in 2016” This victory signals the mainstream arrival of AI agents.

Fast forward 2024, NVIDIA’s senior research scientist has recently introduced a concept making it revolutionary as it shows the way how AI would operate across different environments. This is the “foundation agent” presented by Jim Fan. The foundation agent is designed to master a vast array of skills which would make it adept at functioning in both the digital and physical realm. The cyber physical or Industrial Revolution 4.0 is now being taken to the AI level, literally doing away with physical and digital distinction, which we have made all our lives. NVIDIA’s own foundation agent is Voyager.

Its prowess has already been shown to the world by playing the popular game Minecraft. Its sophisticated learning mechanism can bewilder anyone. What a magic; it converts interactions within a 3D space to textual commands and the do code. “Coding in action” in our future. Foundation Agents are designed to be self-improving entities. New challenges, newer abilities are their development trajectory. This journey can be broken down into three primary axes of development. These are Skill Acquisition, Embodiment Flexibility and Reality Mastery. Foundation Agent “enables the autonomy across both physical and virtual domains, embodying the versatility and adaptability seen in fictional AI characters.”

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