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We recently the 75th anniversary of the republic. Seventy-five years is not a long time in the life of nation, but it is also sufficient time for a new and well thought out republic to visibly show to its constituents, that it is on the right track. That the North Star (constitution) of the republic is the only guiding force, and we are moving in that right direction, if not at a fast pace, then at least slowly and steadily. The constitution happens to be the only guiding and operational legal mandate for the nation. Democratic nations live on the positive and proactive interpretation of the constitution, and on conventions and traditions built over time and maintain in toto the spirit of the constitution.

If we falter, let it be known to the world, so that correctional action has to be taken. The preamble needs to remembered and should become our operational mantra for life; personal, professional, social and public life. The preamble was a directional thought to be put into practice through the constitution and all the laws made to further it. Caste, creed, race, religion, color et al were to be dispensed with as the country moved forward post-independence. Not that the constitution makers were unaware of the Indian reality, but they wanted to turn a new leaf for a new nation on strong and healthy footing.

Seventy-five years down the line, we are in the trade of caste census and the Indian republic seems to be rotating on its axis. It is all blatant and open and republic’s public knows only this language. If this was not enough the communal conundrum has been haunting us at an alarming periodicity for a long time. Religion and caste have been the running democratic currency of the nation; however, much constitution might abhor of it. Today it is so well established that anything as per the canons of the constitution may look like non-republican. Similar to the concept in Marxism, we have created dialectal republicanism, and there is not even a murmur from any quarter.

If that was not enough, the republic has become a revolving door starting from politics to constitutional positions to criminality to jail and back. CMs, Deputy CMs, Ministers going through this well-established Indian democratic revolving door has made a sham of a system that was dreamt of and designed by our constitution makers. If we add parliamentarians and legislators, the number stuck up in the revolving doors would be more than the number of the ones who have not got into it. One day a CM or a minister and the subsequent day in prison, becomes very difficult to digest. Does current political class not make a mockery of the republic by their wrongdoings, with no correctional mechanisms in place. Shame is not a part of the political vocabulary.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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