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What does carrying your own world means? It means managing the world with same knowledge, skills, expertise and world view, both in the professional and personal life, while the world has been changed beyond recognition. The harsh reality is that we want to manage with the skills sets which we picked while we were leaving or at the very best in the first few years of your job. The world changes nearly 80% every five years, and corresponding change needs to happen with every individual engaging with the changes in whatever sphere. And the same things apply to institutions, government, defence and the like.

Not being aware of the changes does not bring changelessness to the world, it’s just that you would be left out of the race. That is precisely what has been happening with large part of our existence. We even refuse to acknowledge the change, as if it can wished away, and it keeps coming biting on our face and fate second time round. There are two other ways of handling this change, so as to give a feeling to all the stakeholders that things are moving on the right track, when the actually the opposite is the case.

What are these two options which have been in full display in our ecosystem? The first being to make noise in the public domain of all the changes that have been happening around us, and make some grandstanding, which gives a feeling to the masses and even professionals that things are moving the right direction. The second approach, might be a continuation to the first one or at times independent, would be have some superficial projects and schemes, which would give most of us a feeling that things are happening. In reality, this option is even worse, while things don’t change at the commensurate level, it is supposed to have been done.

Our tryst with technology and variety of other changes, if you give it a serious thought it would become crystal clear. What is forced upon cannot he treated as ab effort to make change; it has actually happened in spite of your changelessness. Unfortunately, the pace of the change is iterative in nature which means if you miss out a few times, it becomes extremely difficult to catch up. Professionals just displaying that they are picking up the new skills / expertise / knowledge and are making necessary changes to usher in the iterative world continuously are doing immense disservice to our current existence and forestalling our future. Brownie points can’t take us anywhere. Governments has specialized in doing this. When innovation, tech changes and disruptive management / governance practices are the order of the day, how far can we reach with our famed effortless timelessness. Fake claims of change cannot take us anywhere.

Sanjay Sahay

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