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Claiming to be responsive and creating its evidence too, seems to have been the latest fad, since the time the feedback regime came into full play. Being responsive is the ultimate indicator of human excellence in whatever you do, and the issue which creates fissures come out of lack of responsiveness; real, imagined or otherwise. Governments have been claiming their responsiveness for decades for now, by the various parameters at their command, the targets of different schemes and faster & better delivery of services, and by some stretched logic of winning elections. That most of these claims go unstuck has been a regular experience.

While the world of business has been claiming of providing better customer experience, and most of the data is being traded for that purpose, what is the final delivery of responsiveness? Responsiveness at the most seamless level can transform into outstanding customer experience. Is responsiveness a human element or management-controlled delivery? Can responsiveness really become a part of the employee psyche or behaviour? The ideal scenario is of inculcation of this behavioural trait and rest would automatically happen. It there any psychological training to make this happen? Does not seem likely. Might be for this reason or lack of inclination to be responsive, which certainly takes some extra effort and a different frame of mind, that we have been making so much of effort in claiming to be responsive.

Responsiveness comes out of natural feeling to serve the citizen, customer et al and more often than not the person is being paid for that. Governance as sector was designed to have inbuilt and well ingrained responsiveness in the human resources for the top to the bottom, that is what democracy at its kernel is all about. None of our lofty ideals would be meet without responsiveness becoming our DNA and present crash culture is true manifestation of it. How far away is governance from responsiveness does not need any gainful research, it is all over the place the for you experience.

Customer centricity and tools / results to prove it has become the curse for the private sector. Feedback / reviews are the main tools. They can also be advertised and its being available on the internet opens possibilities of customer acquisition. You can find an Uber, asking their shortcoming for giving a 4 star feedback. Positive is looks, but who has time and energy to use a tool in the hands of these companies vying for customer blood in the name of customer experience. From Zepto to Airlines have all got into the responsiveness mode, might be that is the new business mantra in town. Responsiveness seems to be being bought and sold. How far can it go? Will it finally go the government way? Not taking customer for a ride, itself would mean real responsiveness. Duty done ideally would serve the purpose much better.

Sanjay Sahay

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