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Embrace technology to save yourself, you job, businesses and the nation. What we lost on account of not embracing technology has never been audited and in all likelihood will never be audited. The ill results of it all around. Added to that we have picked up all the ills which the technology has to offer, prime being the nature of usage of social and the iconic WhatsApp University. It’s crazy that this intensively detrimental tool has been changing human behaviour. While we have been very happy with the IT services we offered to the world and created a decent wealth for the professionals, companies and the nation, without making any products, will this honeymoon last forever.

One of the videos I watched on ChatGPT a futuristic vision enabled geek / nerd was literally begging to the world to embrace the latest technology, by which he meant the ultra-cutting edge AI tools to improve quality of professional and personal life nearly instantaneously. The tragedy of the matter is that you don’t know what you don’t know and there is no way it can be explained to the non-believer. That window of opportunity is never opened up by the person who is in most need of the technology to change his life. Two examples would make it very clear; one is QR code-based transactions and second more used vigorously at the professional level has been the virtual meetings / classes et al.

Have digital transactions turned out to be as difficult as we thought? Have virtual meetings and interactions been as useless as we thought it out to be? Or that it would not serve the purpose was another thought that crossed our minds. Physical is all we knew and we were not ready to try anything else. Do we need a Covid-19 type enemy to improve about Cyber stance? Peacetime is more ideal and the people who are adopting it, would lead the way as has already been proven, by our more than three decades of digital living experience. At the macro level we are in all likelihood missing out on the Cyber – Physical transformation of the world called Industrial Revolution 4.0.

At the generic behavioural level, the vast majority of us have convinced ourselves that we can run our lives without embracing technology, as it comes. The leaders and the decision makers are convinced of the fact that they need not do anything but to make the right noises, using their ever ready vocal cords. First no product development, then missing out on IR3 and now IR4, truncated use of generic available software, zero customization and managing horribly on that account. We have become a case of technological occupational therapy. The capability to pick up new tech tools, use, learn and at times customise is not in our blood. Open-source tools correctly used has the potential to rewrite our tech and business script. What are the use cases on different technologies in last few years, which has been put to commercial use? Do we even have tech influencers? We hardly have any with YouTube videos on ChatGPT of its likely use cases by Indians.

Sanjay Sahay

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