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Find the shortest route to information, learning and knowledge has been human quest since times immemorial. Locating information in a digestible form is what information revolution is all about. Human mind as a repository of knowledge got extended with the onset of information technology and what you could lay your hands on instantaneously became knowledge. Google became Goggle through its search engine, with PageRank being its first algorithm, coming out of doctoral research at Stanford. Web pages are ranked accordingly. PageRank and other such algorithms decide the result of Google Search. While we keep using it relentlessly, none of us even given it thought as to how it works.

Has Google been giving us all the answers to all our questions, we always thought it was? Google transformed information and its availability into learning and usability. We had not seen anything better or comparable, so even today, it is our final destination. We literally don’t know anything else. For all the improvements that is gone through in more that two decades of its existence, it remains a search engine, ranking pages and giving you the output based on what the algorithms dictate. You are at liberty to use it in a manner you want. SEO developed as a sought-after technology for businesses and individuals to make the best of Google Search Algorithms. The question still remains that can you give me the answer or I have be create one, you have certainly, helped the world finding most of the resources available publicly.

Today we are at cross roads, with someone ready to give the answers, have crawled the internet successfully, as an AI enabled large language model. It works on GPT3, Generative Pretrained Transformer, is dialogue based, conversational and to the wildest surprise of it all, gives answers to questions and the very specific ones. It is ChatGPT is radically different from Google, works on a different technology and does perform tasks way better than Google in the areas where it has been pretrained. it does not draw resources from internet in a live manner. It gives a different view of how the world of knowledge can be used to the best of our advantage.

Follow up queries you can keep building and you keep getting the corresponding refinement in the answers. The biggest difference is you get ready made usable content, from steps to do something to create video, writing the way some specific well-known person would express, to writing a code to create a dancing Santa Claus, with HTML, CSS & description provided. When you get into harder questions the answers become rock solid. It can explain the pros and cons asked for, Google goes completely off. We cannot get action queries replied to in a Google Search. In the SEO perspective the nuances are lost. What is small and less transacted upon is supposed to be less value, which is certainly not the case. Brevity is not appreciated, whereas that it is most valued. The world has forgotten to ask questions and we have been managing our lives, with key word searches. One threw up resources, the other is using its pretrained knowledge to create answers for you, it’s being more human like. If this is the beginning where will reach in next few years? Time to embrace technology and use it comprehensively to our advantage.

Sanjay Sahay

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