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There has no tech product that has taken the world by storm, in the manner of ChatGPT and it has been making waves since the time it has been released on 30th of Nov. 2022. Its predecessor so to say, GPT3 was known to few techies the world over. It was not utilized in the manner it should have been, if we think in hindsight. GPT3 was released on 11th of June 2020, but literally remained unknown to the world, till its dialogue or conversational cousin ChatGPT, literally set the world on fire. Iconic products mark their mark in no time, and continue to remain the apple of everyone’s eye.

Single products have had potential to transform the world has been our history. Tangentially, they would have made a difference to large number of sectors and areas. Time lag or gestation period whatever you term it, was a necessity to make it useful to different activities. It has happened with some products, but the purpose and activity has remained the same. Cross-sectoral and across activities impact in a near instantaneous manner, unleashing a potential which no one had imagined, might be is happening for the first time with ChatGPT. It is ready made to take over the world, in far larger number of ways than even what OpenAI could have also imagined.

Generative pretrained is the magic. The content and the capability to create and explain and keep improving up to better answers to your requirement is something that is truly mind blowing. I think the world is still trying to fathom out as to what is has been hit by. Even if it means being unfair so other similar products, ChatGPT would deliver on whatever you want, you should have capability toyou’re your imagination and creativity to use. YouTube is already full of what this tool can do; it ranges from 4 ways ChatGPT can improve your everyday life to declaring the nemesis of Google.

What is the future of SEO is difficult to predict, but certainly ChatGPT can make its existence felt as time passes by. Someone posts 5 mind blowing ways to use this AI. For the ordinary what concrete disruptors are coming out of this super disrupting machine. Is this the future of note taking? GPT3 for studying and writing is another video title. Coders be aware, ChatGPT is on the prowl. How to use ChatGPT in Python? Such videos are cropping up by the day. One YouTube video is titled as ”Mind-Blowing examples of OpenAI ChatGPT for security, infosec and hacking. Few others to follow on the potential use cases are; how to make money by ChatGPT, video script by ChatGPT, how to make YouTube videos using this tool, 7 things content writers can do with ChatGPT and it goes on and on. Will ChatGPT be the end of all programming jobs? Will 2023 be the first AI enabled year for mankind.

Sanjay Sahay

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