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Audit is the official process to reviewing a process, tasks, and its output. Primarily for financial related issues, it has traversed into other areas of physical, performance and operations audit. Of late and the newest format in this game is forensic audit, which works more like an investigation and sorts out specific issues. Informally, this nature of work done in any area is called audit. Reading has been the precursor for all good things that happen in life, from education to learning and exceling in professional life. It is for this reason an audit into one’s reading habit can throw up a whole gamut of information on the person, which can be gamechanger.

Understanding a person through reading audit, would mean understanding the person totality. This can be a starting point for a variety of life changing things and for even tectonic shifts in professional life. As a starting thought which has been demonstrated for long is that change of reading habit has been the harbinger of changing tracks in professional life. Has anybody accomplished anything worthwhile, without reading? How can things on hearsay, or on education and training which happened couple of years back to decades back? All audits happen with the premise that activity has been happening on a regular basis and has to mapped on the audit parameters and findings have to be arrived at.

Reading Audit can start with the disclaimer, whether the person has been reading or not. For this it has to be decided what is reading for the person concerned or for professionals in general with a focus on the specific area. It also includes the areas which might fall in the systems thinking of the domain / issue. If you ask anyone, whether he reads or not, the standard answer would be yes. Even WhatsApp is reading today so is a PPT. Tertiary rag tag material is also reading. Relaxation reading of flipping through a magazine is reading. Some reckless summary, shortened to a level that main issues don’t come into the crash summary is also treated as reading. Reading is not what you just physically read.

Reading the art and science of going through relevant material, articles, books, research and project works, et al, with specific purpose, comprehending, assimilating and hopefully using it one’s profession and life, as the case may be. Reading for fun cannot be included in this definition of reading. The intensity of reading would reflect in the person’s personality, in the manner he writes and speaks. There would be a marked difference in precision, clarity and being accountable. Language, content and the style of putting content into a narrative would speak for him. Reading minds keep on consolidating and improving in an iterative manner. They are not ready to lose the knowledge gained or an opportunity to learn further. Consistency in all these aspects would be the real killer. Its time that all these parameters are transformed into an audit format, and a threadbare reading audit should be conducted on all professionals. It would give you both their real worth and also their potential. The findings can be termed as the Knowledge Worth of the individual and can be evaluated on a regular basis.

Sanjay Sahay

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