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The truism of our lives, both professional and personal, is that what we discuss, keep on discussing, clarifying and fine tuning is what we finally achieve. It develops both familiarity with the topic and also an interest, which keeps on increasing as we keep harvesting the fruits of it. If you are an practitioner, you improve upon the practice, that gets you a good name, fame and most of the times money as well. If you a person of knowledge and wisdom, you get to know more and more on the topic and the subject and you become a guiding light in that specific field. If you the person who has do deliver projects, promises, schemes, programs and policies in that area, you will do it much more proficiently compared to the ones who don’t discuss.

Democracy is all about translating promises into tangible projects into real life products, services, amenities, opportunities, business products, better living, better economic prospects, international standing etc. Can all this happen without discussing and discussing incessantly, till the time the cows come home or the goal is accomplishment. Discussion is at the core to human existence and it cannot be mixed with business meetings and lots of other such engagements. The agenda of the meetings and MOM have not taken us anywhere. Governments after governments have exceled in such acts, but why has the memory become so frail, that they can barely remember anything.

If you don’t remember something or an issue; its niceties and the trajectory, how far can you go in achieving it. The issue is very simple, that we don’t discuss any of these issues. May be these are treated as official and can be born and consumed in that format itself, is the running thought process. Do you remember the discussions of any big fat Indian wedding or any wedding for the matter, you have been a part of? It is difficult to forget. Most of us remember for all our lives. It was because the discussions were so intense and meaningful, that has the capability to finally get translated into a project or an event and becoming hugely successful. The earnestness of knowledge of that field, the interest in it, finding the best workable solution and an outstanding delivery is at the core of the discussions which we talking about.

If a marriage was to be performed on the basis of our public domain discussions, one can be sure of the fact, that such marriage could have never been performed. Discussions need some level of knowledge, ability to garner more as required, be able to prove your point of view with all substantiation, in a meaningful manner. The concerned person would be more than happy to take it to its logical conclusion, that being real-life delivery. Being fully accountable to what you deliver in a discussion is at the core of its utility. What does our discussions revolve around? The electronic media – same persons sans any expertise coloring every issue with the same brush, social media even abuse is the name of the game, for bureaucracy it is meetings – or discussion and diktat going undifferentiated, the academicians and researchers are happy with their classes’ sans discussion, ppts, thesis, funding and CVs. Regarding the legislatures the less said the better, they can even make mikes and furniture speak, the garbhagriha of democratic discussion. Have we lost it all because we lost the art, science and practice of discussion.

Sanjay Sahay

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