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Projects don’t get delivered quite often with a single stakeholder, having multiple stakeholders govt. inclusive can be a challenge. It is still very difficult to find a perfect model of city based video surveillance system with analytics.  Talking to different stakeholders separately gives a feeling that the project has been delivered perfectly. When incidents happen we know how  unstuck the  system is!

Before the integration of technologies, the integration mindset of stakeholders is a must. Do we the know the requirements of all the agencies, inclusive necessarily of the citizens also.  If all the requirements are taken & a *functional requirement specification is professionally created, it would a great beginning. With agency after agency creating networks and fixing of  independent cameras, the physical manifestation of the siloed existence cannot take us anywhere. The cost involved rises exponentially, while the utility of individual system is denigrated.

In an age of Smart City, a robust  common network is a must, with cameras fulfilling multifarious requirements; from suspect detection to waste management, as much as technically feasible. This network can literally become the proverbial third eye of governance. Stakeholders coming together only can lead to a sustainable win win situation. Single tender life cycle actually makes the vendor go scot-free in a way.

A CCTV system is not a stand alone product. Different cameras to network to command centers with wide & varied hardware, software, licencing  & functional requirements have to be synthesized into one product. Robust, dependable & irreversible. Vertical & horizontal scalability has to be built in. Deep knowledge of the system to be put in place & permanence being a project goal, can make a difference. With lead managers of all stakeholders changing, a common language of the project does not emerge. Only project matters mindset, can make it happen.


Sanjay Sahay

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