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The variety of methods of communication have been with us for centuries, at different times and for different occasions, different mediums and methods have ruled the roost. Human beings have tried their level best to max the communication game and turn out to be the winner. The winner in the communication game would eventually turn out to be the winner. Public and business life is replete with success stories which have depended on communication to a considerable degree. “Think Different” of Steve Jobs has made an impact to make Apple have a mental imprint in our minds. His few presentations have made our business life radically different and hugely enriching.

Presentation as a method of expression has come to stay. Microsoft gave the world a new of expression, PowerPoint Presentation, the slides became the kaleidoscope of our business, academics and research. We forgot that there was a life before ppt also. The slides became the mainstay of our life, entered very smoothly to create a multi-media story of our life’s doings to enthral all and bring nostalgia and reminiscences to the fore. This medium reigns supreme for the purposes it is meant. The electronic media in the 24/ 7 avatar became the custodians of what we wanted to know, the manner we wanted to know and in the dosage we wanted to know. Graphic live / recorded footages became their mainstay, which included rabble rousing footages created both by live characters and the anchors.

The social media changed it all. Let nobody be in doubt that the social media is the mainstream media of today. How many times has the mainstream media picked up its stories from the social media? It is endless and you lose count. Some survive on social media for stories, some are shy of saying that. Twitter had become the official news agency during Trump Presidency. What has been the fascinating part of the social media revolution has been the phenomenal rise of the video content with YouTube leading the way. Every social media platform has ease of video content. The added advantage is that you are own tv / video publisher and editor.

The influencers have become so because of video becoming an easily reachable medium, which can be created and disseminated on the fly. Viral is an understatement, might be two hours is more than enough for a video with wildfire content to traverse the world. We have seen videos making careers and ruining lives. Right or wrong we have lost the life to this medium, manipulated and deep fakes notwithstanding. The recent impact of a video of a farmer leader in a breaking mode has put new life into the whole movement. If a picture was worth a thousand words, video might be worth a million; the agenda, connect, setting, novelty, fiery or an emotional content are the critical factors. Video as medium has surpassed any medium in human history by its circulation & impact.


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