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A automated taxation system for the tax payers who are not interested any of the nitty gritty of saving taxes by the numerous tools let off in the tax arena would bring lots of ease in the system. It could become as seamless as a single transaction payment. For people under the advance tax regime, it becomes four times a year. You should feel taxed if you are there and eager to pay every single penny due on you. There is a whole industry flourishing / thriving to calculate what amount you have to pay; may it be CAs, en number of tools, consultants, advisors and what not. They make a fast buck in a variety of ways. Besides, for the honest payer it becomes a taxing exercise. It is also an extra expenditure above the tax.

Paying tax dutifully and religiously is the duty of every citizen and should be done with that earnestness. The first and foremost in the category are the salaried class. Due diligence is applied in how much to tax, for what, in which manner and whom. As these are well meaning  standardized systems over the years, maturity and robustness would have become the order of the day. The receipt part the taxpayer is fine with, the expenditure part he finds it to be taxing on his heart and mind. We have still not moved from expenditure budgeting to program budgeting, when the world got wedded to it quite sometime back.

Though the budget is a public document, the common tax payer cannot make head or tail of the connect his tax has with the budget and expenditure. Take the case of the 2G issue; the costs incurred for the process for awarding it was paid by the taxpayer, so was for the Audit/s, also for the investigation and for the long drawn judicial process and finally it was back to square one. Every stakeholder played his role in public interest. There is money spent for everything. If we have program budgeting of our governmental educational system where will we land up? The terrifying issue of the tax payer is that life becomes so taxing for him.

The public health infrastructure gave way in the ongoing pandemic. Emergency and crisis can be handled if we gear up accordingly. How other countries are faring is not of any great concern. Not finding a hospital bed is the ultimate tragedy of life after having paid every single penny of tax dutifully all his life. Nothing can be more taxing in life. Tax should give you a peace of mind way beyond the fear of non-compliance. Tax is not just a tool for garnering receipts but a financial commitment to take care of you on the offerings committed by the state. Acceptable levels of quality is most important. Otherwise, again it is a super taxing exercise for the citizen. Legally guaranteed infrastructure and services can be the only way forward.


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