DailyPost 1195- The responsibilities of all agencies are already decided and so have been the job descriptions and the accountability that goes with it. The citizens are supposed to be have been played around by these agencies. Pillar to post is refrain we hear on a regular basis. There are also the claims that at the one end is the sense of entitlement by a large upper chunk of the population and at the end near near total indifference to what is happening all around you. We live in a crazy mix of rights and responsibilities each trying to shift the goal post at will.

CSR is an acronym which would never be used for Citizen Social Responsibility. Not as a an acronym but as a concept, feeling, sentiment or practice it remains non-existent. It has never evolved as an integral part of the democratic living. Don’t we have any responsibility in creating a congenial environment around us in every way. In most parts of urban living health and hygiene ends at the doorstep. One has to really compliment the mindset which sustains the bonsai thought process of everything. Nothing should bloom is the thought process.

If one were to go by the outpourings of citizen’s social responsibility in the social media, the way their heart comes out for all the ill acts / presumed wrongs etc, one gets a feeling that they would have exhausted all the options and then got into the deep state wail. Nobody would ever accept the fact that this is both the beginning and the end. Social media has provided the ultimate opening for the precise nature of CSR which we wanted to practice.

In the comfort of you palm, in the make believe world which you have created, you have been able to fulfil all your citizen responsibilities. What a way to fool oneself and the world? While the rejection and disgust might be so profound in the posts, in realty they are ready to live a life which in exactly the contrary. This duplicity and lack of effort is killing.


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