DailyPost 1194- Get into the details of the functioning of any successful company and what is distinctly similar is the software glue that puts the company together. The business logic which gets translated into software is the real glue facilitating the the delivery of services and achievement of goals, which keeps improving in an iterative manner and thereby finally creating a robust framework. The company then becomes seamless in its functioning.

Amazon to Airbnb to, you name it you have it, the same common denominator. The guiding rule cannot be forgotten that that the software glue is the value add or fruition of the brick and mortar work. Contrary to the public opinion, companies like Amazon have a large component of their work in physical brick and mortar. Amazon being the modern day version, as we feel, but even the earlier versions; Walmarts and the Targets have been able to do wonders in the front end with the conveniences provided to the customers and at the backend with the large number of suppliers and the seamless management of the supply chain.

Software in its current day all comprehensive avatar with data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence in place adds a nature of business which did not exist earlier. The capability to add the results of ongoing research on the data being generated real time and dynamic, provides a multiplier effect to the business being run. This can also create a new stream by way of advertisement revenue. Imagination to use data is the key.

The enmeshing of data with business operations to the minutest level with inbuilt scalability of the all types is the strength of modern day software. If you have cracked it and have gained the capability of sustain it and reinvent as and when required, you have won the battle.


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