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Management consultancy though working in the public domain has been a tight lipped world, the release of extremely limited information regarding the work done, manner it is done, resources used and costing thereof published or shared in the public domain is more in the nature of advertising. The customer does not get any valuable information on resources, costs etc, it just creates a feeling that all he desires will be met with / delivered. That they have not failed in any project is what they claim without stating so.

Individual companies have ruled the roost down the ages. With the changing times beyond their strategic planning and the business advisory based on it, they are getting forced into implementation. With data being at the center of every business decision, big data analytics has been forced on them. As they move further their capability to bring forth digital transformation would be the game changer or might just turn out to be the subsistence competencies in this trade.

It is strange that in this core of business, the competition is so minimal and that no generic platform has evolved. A management consultancy aggregator so to say. A chance to the customers to make an informed decision. The right of the customer to make choices cannot be debated upon but in this supposedly high end services sector, how and what do you compare? All you have is number of persons proposed to work on the Project, duration, costing and some certifications from a different geography of having done similar projects.

Can a aggregator platform not be created where competencies of experts, freelancers, academicians, researchers, small companies and start ups compete with biggies on a level playing field. On uniform technical framework matching every single cost, quality, time and resource and project a final comparative cost analysis. A simply put. When the world is dependent on consultancy, sooner than later it ought to happen.


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