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If you see the glistening skyscrapers, IT parks, malls / Inoxs and manicured gated communities, the feeling of civil engineering skill and expertise would certainly come to our minds. The lush green cityscape with smooth, clean roads and a typical tinge of planning was the lingering feeling amongst the residents and also the people who visited Bengaluru. Last couple of years have shown the other side of civil engineering in Bengaluru, primarily on the public domain side, the state of basic city utilities. It also gives a feeling of what is in stores for us. The only exclamation which would come you mind, almost in reflex is, Civil Engineered Bengaluru.

Engineered means “skilfully and deliberately arranged rather than arising naturally or spontaneously.” Which way to interpret this would certainly take a life time. The residents are at a loss to make out the beginning and the end of any road or civic amenities project. The timelessness of this kind in the 21st century can certainly be intriguing.  It’s known that infrastructure projects take a long time but it should not take a lifetime. It would be a soothing experience if we  see ourselves using it sometime. It cannot be a mirage. *Delhi Metro brought about least amount of inconvenience during  its construction.*

Couple of years back, Sadguru had given a call for uniting the rivers, paradoxically because of heavy downpour, Bengaluru roads transformed into rivers and got united.  One of the very well known  shopping roads has wooden planks between the road and the shops. The road does not look like a road.  This same road was made traffic free a few years back, on a Sunday, with kids playing and festivities all over the road. What a fall!  If would be an uphill task most of the times to make out, the type of roads you are on – main roads, commercial area, small colony or outskirts?  If is an equal nightmare for the pedestrians, two wheelers, four wheelers et al.  Few years back the pot hole covering story was plastered all over the media. Court’s had to intervene.

That is old and a irrelevant story now, with roads evaporating into rubble, where is question of potholes. The city utilities have done their own bit. Water, sewerage, gas, electric, telecom and what not. The roads are ripped apart with their hearts out, to be left bleeding for unknown periods of time. The gaping wounds are filled by gravel, mud and slush and the excavators – nameless, disappear shamelessly.  We are in the midst of Cable and Pipeline Crisis, which is turning our world into a urban nightmare.  We suffered through the metro creation, hope we enjoy the fully connected fun fast.


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