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 Our comfort level with the jobs we do decides the quality of performance in our professional & personal lives . On the face of it, it seems most of us are  struggling to achieve the desired comfort level.  May be the concept doesn’t occur to us and we remain in the  quagmire of day to day fulfilment of our tasks and a raging fire to fulfil targets assigned  without understanding the total picture. This limits our performance to deliver and forces us to be at the same level of competence; where we started with for all our lives.  Years just become numbers and necessary value adds does not come by and demands on us keeps increasing with every passing year.

Herein comes comfort level.  A struggling professional is the last thing any organization can be content with . The larger the number of such employees, the lesser are the chances of the enterprises to meet their goals. Might be some physical and financial targets are met with in the short term, it would backfire in the long run and it does not seem to be sustainable.  The attrition rates in companies is a clear cut indication of this malaise, it would be getting accentuated by other issues related to salaries and financial perks.

 Creating comfort level ideal  for the functioning of the organization has to be its cherished goal and can be evaded at their own risk.  Creating comfort levels is two way process.  First is the capability of the organization to understand individual requirements in different parts of the organization, offering such resources, training and facilities and the second is the effort of the employees to make the best use of it and also  additional effort from the individual’s aide to garner and make use of resources outside the fixed organizational framework.

At the end of the day, the final result ought to be the creation of mindset and attitude in tune with the organizational goals and creation / development of competencies in the individual to match his job requirements, if not more.


    Sanjay Sahay


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