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 IT convergence is the magic of our times.  In silos we come and in silos we go, but the world is moving in a diametrically opposite direction.  Convergence is changing our lives beyond science fiction is the paradigm shift.  This has lead to hardwares of the likes of Deep Mind and Watson based on similar algorithms and software products of the nature of  Siri, Google Now and Cortana. Amazon Echo & Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) !is making waves. Even the non believers are experiencing this change to their utmost surprise and even amazement, at times. The opportunity is up for grabs, sooner we grab the better placed we would be, otherwise, we miss the bus yet again.

The story has already been delineated starting with sensors & all our activities getting digitized culminating in big data. The linear progression as we understand is  narrative of Big Data getting converged into Machine Learning and further into Deep Learning and the final frontier of Artificial Intelligence,  tipped to transform the world beyond beyond our comprehension. This monumental change happening in our lives is ably facilitated by the doubling of  computational power every 18 months  as per Moore’s Law , as has been happening for last fifty years,  IPv6, Internet of Things  et al.

The results have started to tumble down much earlier than what we expected by way the wins of Watson at the Jeopardy & Go games at least by a decade. Product is not a solution and a solution is not an product.  Generic validated technologies, as in the case of Watson, can do wonders across board from medical sciences to law to genome research and what not.  With such promises seemingly realizable, huge amount of investment and effort is finding its way into it.  The latest breed of Samsung Galaxy smartphones is touted to be the game changer in the smartphones industry.

The days of software seems to be coming to an end. Algorithms enabled supercomputing devices and even hand held gadgets are the future.  Cognitive computing is the roadmap.


    Sanjay Sahay

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